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Kimmy has developed something wrong with her back leg. We have had Cornell vets out and trying to find out what is wrong. She won't use the leg and if she does, she doesn't bend it. They have done x-rays. They took video and posted it on u-tube for other experts to view. We will not be breeding Kimmy, it would be too dangerous for her.

Kimmy has a tenative diagnosis of something called Spastic Paratynesis. If this is in fact what she has, she is the second goat ever documented with it. It is not contagious. But we will not be showing or breeding Kimmy. It's a sad day for us! But we are also relieved, this means she is not in pain.

Valleyshire PB Z Kimmy

Born: 4-27-2009

Sire: Happy Tailz CM X VSG Papa
Dam: ValleyShire PC Y Brandy

Kimmy is a wonderful doeling. She had an injury from her dam after birth, but is healthy now. She will be one of the first goats you see on the show circuit from ValleyShire!