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Wolf Pack Formats

***Special note***
The following formats have been moved out of the Specials Catergory and put in the category following it's name:
Artic Blue - Race to
Blankety Blank - Race to
Cuddle in your Corners - Split Boards
Caged in - Do & Don'ts
Cross-eyed Wolf - Do & Don'ts
Dangerous Tiger "i's" - Do & Don'ts
Tiger "i's" - Do and Don'ts
Do not Bust the Cup - Split Boards
End of the Rainbow - Banned Colors
Pyramid Play 75 - Split Boards
Race to 30 Tiles - Minis
Wild 69 - Exact To
Wolf Calls - Race To
Say Cheese - Race To
Oh Canada - Race To
Cokee's Wild White Wolf - Banned Colors
The other 14 Formats remain in the Specials Category.

Split Boards


Race To

Exact Number

# of Tiles Played

# Words Played

Do's & Don'ts



Mini Games


Crazy Bingo

Twisted Wolves

Banned Colors