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Monday through Friday at 12noon est we will run a Blankety Blank Tournament. During this tour the td (host) will give you a letter it is the only letter that you can use in a white blank tile. You keep track of these letters and by Friday you have 5 letters out of 7 in a scrambled mystery word. Members then have from the close of the tournament on Friday until midnight Sunday to submit 3 guesses to LadyT, via messenger or e-mail. On Monday mornings check back here for the correct word and a list of the members who guessed correctly.

After 3 months the member with the most correct guesses will get a gold membership to the WolfPack for one year. In the event of a tie members will play one full board game to decide the winner.
After 6 months the member with the most correct guesses will receive an adoption certificate in their name and plushie from the World Wildlife Federation.

All members who participate in the contest will be entered into a Blankety Blank contest, format will have a surprise twist.