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Like many rescues A.N.N.A. has a daily (and growing) need for
some very mundane items:

We ALWAYS are in need of 3-lb paper trays
Laundry detergent, Liquid fabric softener
Paper towels
Duct tape
Wasp and Bee Spray for the run-in sheds
100 foot garden hoses
Feline Pine cat litter
Wellness Brand Dog or Cat foods
Dad's Chunk (dog)food
Dad's dry or canned cat food

Credit at Hollenbeck's Feed Mill

Brooms, Cleaning supplies, Hand soap
Kitchen garbage bags with drawstring
Extra large black garden garbage bags
Corn oil
AA and AAA batteries
Reams of paper
Postage stamps
Murphy's oil soap
Skin-so-soft bath oil
Slip leads - 1/2 inch diameter
Gatorade and water

Revolution (extra large breed, we can dose it down)
Glucosamine supplements (dasuquin, cosequin, nupro, glycoflex)
Panacur Dewormer
Rimadyl tabs/chews
Heartgard-Interceptor (heartworm prevention)

Bigger Needs:
Snow plow
Box truck
Quad with a snow plow
Manure Vacuum
Horse Trailer

If you'd like to donate an item on the wishlist, please contact: A.N.N.A.
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