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MadisonDedicated to the health, healing, and humane treatment of animals, A.N.N.A. provides rescue, emergency care, and rehabilitation assistance for animals that have been abused or neglected.  A full-service animal rescue and rehab facility located in the Richmond arwa of Virginia, in Kouisa County, A.N.N.A. also works to educate the community about establishing cooperative relationships between humans and animals, including approaches to addressing animal neglect and the basics of proper care.

A.N.N.A. was founded by Theresa Hogsett.  After a terrible, personal experience with a family horse (Anna)and seeing the need to help these magnificent creatures was the inspiration for her to press forward in establishing a facility in the Upstate Finger Lakes Region of New York State.  With few other rescue facilities for equine in the area and with several of the best veterinarians and surgeons only 15 miles away in Ithaca, A.N.N.A. is in a unique position to provide specialized services to meet the medical needs of each individual horse. After many many months of rescue with equines, the facility quickly expanded to accomodate all creatures. Theresa discovered through her experiences the great need for a facility of this nature.  She then began researching funding avenues.  In searching for government funding, at both the state and federal level discouragement showed, but Theresa knew there must be a way. 

Over the next year, Theresa sought possible grant options.  Following the legal advice, and several meetings with prospective funding sources, A.N.N.A. became a resource for local shelters and animal control officers.  During this same period of time, the Foundation of Tomlins Conklin set up a fund in hopes that donors would come through with financial support.  With this fund in place, several small donations were obtained to meet some of the immediate medical needs. 

A.N.N.A. located a ranch that was willing to give use of 1 barn in October of 2006. The barn is able to provide shelter for 80 or more horses. The grounds have been divided into grassy paddocks, and plans to add to the barn are in the planning process. Money is needed to adequately complete the project and to be able to provide much more detailed care to individual needs of the horses coming to the facility.  Horses are quarantined until they have received a complete medical exam, and A.N.N.A. has received Coggins papers, assuring no communicable diseases.  Once certified, the horse is then introduced to others based on its condition.  Rehab starts once the horse enters A.N.N.A..  After Theresa and her volunteer staff assess the medical and nutritional needs, the process of recuperation begins. 

Some of the other animals including dogs, cats (including a feral cat colony), goats and several other species are located at the shelter area where Theresa and her family reside. Each animals needs are individual and we treat each one individual as well. We are able to offer them the peace that is required not only for the physical healing but for their mental and emotional healing as well. Our facility is located in a very private and peaceful setting and offers the tranquility needed for all who enter. We continue to rescue, transport, provide adoptions to good forever homes for animals that have needed a place to go to escape the abuse and neglect confines of their lives. With such high numbers the demand for our facility is high and so are the financial obligations for each animal. Since we work with the court systems of several different counties we are responsible for the complete care of each animal until the case has been settled in court. We have never received restitution for any of the animals that have come to us. Although all horses have been awarded to A.N.N.A. Therefore we depend on the compassion and concern that people such as you have to meet the daily needs and demands. We have set up several sponsorship options as well as accepting a single one time donation. Please help us continue our life changing programs and be a part of Animals Need No Abuse. Donate today!

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